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Opened house with courtyard and terrace : #9803

There are many old apartments which were built after the Second World War in Yuzato, Osaka.

This project was the rebuilding of an old apartment in this area...

The floor area ratio is 200%. I wanted to fully use this condition, but the shadow regulation was really strict, so the part of the apartments which was more than 5 floors was required to be revised. Also, I used steel a frame structure for this part.

As a result, the apartment has a large roof terrace and an open view. We might regard the 1st to the 4th floors as concrete foundation. The owner's house was built over the foundation, and it is silhouetted in the city.

This renewed apartment may be one of the models for the rebuilding of apartments in this area.

The steel structured owner's house is over the rental apartment that structure is reinforced concrete.

Southern entrance

View from the living room to the room1 and room2 in the rental apartment. The rooms are divided by a movable wall.

The courtyard of the owner's house on the forth floor. The lattice door and the wooden door keep the privacy, and they give the feature of the space.

The living room of the owner's house on the fifth floor.The ceiling height is 5m.

Entrance and the objet d'art as sign

Entrance hall
The finishes of the flooring are curbstones
(made in Shikoku)
It is applied for all common spaces.

View from the room 1 to the living room.
The large revolving door is in between.

The courtyard of the owner's house on the forth floor (front garden)
The finishes of the wall are marble and steel plates. The flooring is curbstones.

The dining room on the fifth floor /
Japnese styled table called Kotatsu and Tatam

Opened house with courtyard and terrace.

・Opened house with courtyard and terrace.

     Location  Osaka Prefecture
     Structure Reinforced concrete & steel frame
      Site area 231.00m2
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