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Posiibility of 45m2 small house with courtyard : #9903

Small house with courtyard / the follow-up of the small space/ living near bamboo thicket where there are fireflies.

The small trapezoid shape land with 45m2/the planning with the courtyard/The rugged hilly area / Firefly inhabitation reserved area.

This house is for an old couple who used to live on this land. They requested the elevator and the earth ground in the ground level. They also requested they do not need to have the steps inside due to lack of space so only outer steps were equipped and located next to the bamboo thicket facing courtyard.

This house with the courtyard becomes a open and comfortable space by using the fantastic view.

Courtyard and Outer stairs
If you go up the outer stairs to the roof through the courtyard, you will be able to feelthe change of seasons through the bamboo forest...The habitats like this space...
The backyard is a bamboo forest, Fireflies come fluttering into the courtyard...

Courtyard and Patio
When the glass sliding door is open, the room is linked to the bamboo forest...
The courtyard and the outer stairs are on the left-hand side.

When the glass door is open, the courtyard is linked to the bamboo forest.

The bench and the I-shaped table with cookers are made of layered cherry tree...

The finishes of the wall is diatomite...
When the wooden vertical grating doors are open, the ground floor becomes patio...

Patio and earth floor
The finishes of the earth floor is diatomite with white round stones...The five wooden vertical grating doors are between the road and the lift.

The top lights are above the kitchen...
The flooring is pine wood. The finishes of the wall and the ceiling are diatomite...The louvered windows are on the right-hand side...

LDK, View of the bamboo forest
The entrance is not identified at the house. Hence, the terraces on the each floor have the function of the entrance..,

Method of construction and materials
The groung floor・using RC box culverts construction...The walls on the back & front side were not built...The method of construction of the first floor and second floor is steel frame....The finishes of the outer wall are diatomite...These methods of construction are common. However, I used all them at the only 50 m2 site...

Posiibility of 45m2 small house with courtyard PLAN

・Posiibility of 45m2 small house with courtyard

Location Kasuga, Osaka Prefecture
Structure Reinforced Concrete (ground floor) Steel frame (first, second floor)
Term of design 1998. 01~1998. 08
Term of construction 1998. 09~1999. 03
Site area 49.68 m2
Building area 30.20 m2 ( building to land ratio 59.9%)
Total floor area 71.06 m2 (building to volume ration 134.76%)
Each floor area (ground floor)) 25.56 m2
        (first floor) 22.75 m2
        (second floor) 22.75 m2
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