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Opening into the public|Courtyard house with a private pond : #0304

View from the front garden to the white wall. The courtyard house is reflected in the water.
The house has a large private room.

The room is quite flexible; it is used as a music room, or as culturalspaces for English conversation class, dramas and various events and so on.The room is divided into two spaces by a white wall (called Sekabe)...

These two spaces face a courtyard which is used as a garage, andsometimes it becomes a pond...

The courtyard becomes an open space or a closed space by adjusting a large slidingdoor. The changing of the space gives us a rich atmosphere...

If the large sliding door between the road and the site is opened or closed, the feature of the front garden is changed to the private space...

The approach on the southern part of the courtyard. The private space is behind the white wall.

This gallery space becomes buffer area to control the connection between the residential area and the rental area.The white wall divides this space in to the public part and the private part.

The several steps are created in the room to make a small stage.

The front garden and the courtyard give us the possibilities of describing the approach from the road to the hobby room.

The white wall (called Sekabe)goes deep into the large room2.

Large room 1/
All the doors of the rooms face this room. Hence, we feel presence, even if we are in the different room.

Large room 2/
The white wall from the courtyard becomes the back of the large room that is an all-purpose space.

Opening into the public...Courtyard house with a private pond....

・Opening into the public...Courtyard house with a private pond....

     Location  Osaka Prefecture
     Structure timber frame
     Term of design 2003
      Site area 297.00m2
     Building area 137.46m2
     Total floor area 211.16m2
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