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House with the courtyard and the large louver /small house 99m2 : #0712

Movable louver, the securement of privacy of the courtyard and the opening space were suggested.

Located in the center of Osaka city and the shape of land is irregular with a small space of 99m2. In the back of the lot,the courtyard is located.

The vertical aluminum mobile louver is equipped on the road side. This louver provides them with comfortable privacy by controlling light and wind.

The courtyard(Light courtyard) is located in the 1st floor is made of artificial floor (grating deck)as this is not included in the building area.

By this, the hall in the 1st floor and the courtyard has connecting space. The floor of the courtyard is located on the 1st floor, so that wind and light can pass into all the rooms on the ground floor.The large louver is 4.8m high, 600mm width. Wind and light can get through to AV room.

The blade is made of 12pieces alminium and is controled by automatically. This lover also located in 3F so combines the emergency entrance.

This house has security of privacy and the opening space by equipping this courtyard with the large mobile louver. So now it has posibility to be comfortable and open even though the house is really small.

The upper light shines the wall of the courtyard...

The stairs of the large room

The large porch is capable of keeping bicycles

Sunset view of the courtyard from the living room...The border between inside and outside disappears...Two space become one large space at this moment...

View from the courtyard to the large room

The nursery with a loft on the second floor. The ceiling height is 3m. The louver is fixed on the outside of the window.

View from the void of the frontyard to the road through the movable louver

View from the courtyard to the large room. We can see the AV room under the grating floor.

View from the large room to the courtyard on the first floor. The ceiling height is 2.9m

Roof deck and Allotment
Water melon, strawberry, aubergine and small sweet green pepper etc...They grow well due to good good sunshine...

Roof deck and Allotment

The feature of the house is visible through the louver...

House with the courtyard and the large louver /small house 99m2

・House with the courtyard and the large louver /small house 99m2

 Location Tennoujiku, Osaka Prefecture
 Function Residential house(4LDK+Courtyard+earth floor+roofgarden)
 Structure Steel frame
 Site area 99.37m2
 Buildimg area 61.58 m2
 Building to land ratio  59.56%
 Total floor area 155.93 m2
 Each floor area ground floor  37.85 m2
        first floor  53.81 m2
        second floor  56.68 m2
        Penthouse  7.59 m2
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