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Courtyard house built of adobe bricks Morocco- #2

Courtyard house built of adobe bricks

There are a few scattered houses in the southern part of the Atlas mountains, called Caspa.

Most of the houses have courtyards.

These courtyard houses are made of adobe bricks...When crossing canyons, we can see courtyard styled houses, but they are very simple plan and modern design...

And surprisingly the houses are made of only one material...



Group of houses like a fort...Courtyard styled multiunit residence...
It is exactly an aggregate courtyard houses. They are really interesting squarish building...

Around BOUARFA Some people always move with portable dwelling

The flat roof is simply supported by adobe bricks and beams made by date palm. Less rain might makes it possible...


FIGUIG/ ALGERIE is a border town, I needed to cross the border on foot...
Map of Morocco2
Map of the Mediterranean area.
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