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Courtyard styled house and tower and amaze of streets Algeria

GHARDAIA...The panoramic view of white villages on the hill...The minaret is placed in the center. The street space and white courtyard houses are layouted around it...
Courtyard styled house and tower and maze of streets

GHARDAIA, BENIISGUEN, MELIKA...Oasis city in the M'Zab Valley, courtyard houses around a symbolic white tower of Mosque and radiated attractive outer spaces.

Houses with courtyards and outer spaces like maze, a symbolic tower of mosque...

GHARDAIA is the largest oasis city around the desert...

GHARDAIA, BENI-ISGUEN, MELIKA, they are parts of five oasis cities in the M'Zab Vallery. Each city has a symbolic tower in the center, and radially placed houses surround it.

Most of the houses have courtyards, they seems to be a huge architecture, and they are also attractive residential area...

Plaza / There is a huge square in the center of GHARDAIA. Most of the space is streets radiating in all directions...


Outsiders are not allowed to access to the some villages...In BENI-ISGUEN, we can not advance over the gate...

I went through the south part of Atlas mountains TAGHIT MOROCCO, then I reached to ALGERIA...

The ruins of villages

Street to the plaza in GHARDAIA

Around GHARDAIA, Each village like MELIKA、BENI-ISGUEN has the center, They form the unique landscape...The colonies are layouted around the tower on each hill...



I advanced over the desert towards TUNISIA...
Map of Algerie
Map of the Mediterranean area.
Villages and cities in Italy #1, Italy #2, Spain, Morocco #1, Morocco #2, Algeria, Tunisia.

BENI-ISGUEN...The panoramic view of white villages on the hill...The minaret is placed in the center...The houses are really close to each other, and they form like a maze. The place is covered with many white houses and street space...
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