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White houses Spain

White houses... Colonies in Andalusia region, South Spain...

GUADIX, MONTEFRIO, CASARES, SETENIL, OLVERA, there are bright white colonies consisting of a few scattered houses on the hills covered with black barren land in Andalusia...

Unfortunately, there are no courtyards in this area, but a lot of houses dug into the side of hills.

They have white facades in front of themselves...

New houses are located around old ones. Tipical houses of this old style are SETENIL, MONTEFRIO.

GUADIX/One of the stereotyped villages dug into the side of a hill...In general, this kind of villages have kitchen in their outside, but the village has it in the inside. Unique chimneies are set up on the ground...The arced white facade of the entrance is impressive, This place is used as a front garden, so it might be like a courtyard...

MONTEFRIO/Church on the cliff in the attractive village

SETENIL/The village is built under solid rock. The facades are decorated to be like normarl buildings, it is same as GUADIX, and the other parts of houses are buried.

Map of Spain
Map of the Mediterranean area.
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