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White street space like a courtyard|OSTUNI|Italy- #2

OSTUNI...The white street space that looks like the courtyard which becomes playground for children.   White street space like a courtyard...OSTUNI

Osutuni is a white village in the Puglia area in south Italy.

All OSTUNI, MARTINA FRANCA, and ALBEROBELLO are white, attractive villages.

Everything in the villages such as the outside wall, the street space, and the church in the dwelling, is painted by the white Bianco, and the street space in front of the white houses are bright space used like the courtyard.

These villages have been purposely built on the hill because of the defense. Hence, each house in the villages is overcrowded. There is no space to make the courtyard.

Being only opened is a street space in public space. However, this buffer area used as a courtyard street is very attractive space.

OSTUNI...The both sides of the street are stairs, the center is a slope. It is interesting...

OSTUNI...The street space converges on a dead end...

OSTUNI... Only drops of water sound on the stairs styled street that place is like a landing...

OSTUNI...The street with the stairs styled siope...

OSTUNI...View of stairs styled slope...

OSTUNI...The courtyard styled space between the wall and the outer stairs is buffer area...

OSTUNI...Street space like maze...

OSTUNI...Outer stairs are everywhere. We command a distant view of the olive plantations.

OSTUNI...We advance deep into the street, the atmosphere is changing to be more private gradually.

OSTUNI...The houses over the street space are structurally linked by flying buttresses

OSTUNI...The outskirts of the villages...The strong connection is against invaders...

OSTUNI...The part of the street space is a private courtyard...Each complex terraced house has stairs...the courtyard houses are in succession...

OSTUNI...The both sides of the curvy courtyard styled street are stairs, and the center is a slope...

OSTUNI...The street space is preciously formed by slopes...

OSTUNI...The stairs styled street space is attractive...

Villages of Trulli, with continuous conic roof

ALBEROBELLO...White unique walls and street...

ALBEROBELLO...The ceiling of the piling stones roof of Trulli

The aggregate of outer stairs forms attractive street space like courtyard...It is different to MARTINA FRANCA,OSTUNI, in terms of the plan of street space, but the stone paving is interesting...


MARTINA FRANCA...The public street approached by outer stairs is courtyard styled buffer area...

  Map of Italy2
Map of the Mediterranean area.
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OSTUNI...Panoramic view of the white village.
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