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Space and House with courtyard|Morocco- #1

Quiet space in its. It seems like that time stopps
Quiet spaces with courtyard and pond...

In some cities before climbing the Atlas mountains, such as FES, MARRACHECH, RABATO, we are surprised at outer spaces like maze in the old cities...

Most house have calm courtyards...

Quiet spaces with courtyard and pond...

Outer spaces are bit noisy, however if you come inside, there is a quiet courtyard in its. It seems like that time stopps

MEDERSA ATTARINE/MEDERSA It means a theological seminary...There are minute patterns on the wall in the courtyard...

AIT-BENHADU...The village is made piles of adobes

Perhaps, this seems to be the courtyard of MEDERSA...but actually it is just public toilet...

A gate in FES/The gate is stately to defend the city from invaders

Landscape in SALE

Cemetery in SALE

Bustling plaza. Stools and street performers come to the place.

AIT-BENHADU/After crossing Atlas Mountains, first Caspa appears...The fort is built by adobe.

The detail of patterns/stone, tiles, The Wooden patterns are put together...

FES/ The old town has 200 years history, It is the cultural center in MOROCCO. the town has quite complex streets...

Tannery/Facility where the tanning process is applied to hide to produce leather. The place is tanned.


MEDERSA ATTARINE/Cloister in courtyard

I crossed over the Strait of Gibraltar, and then i reached to FES in MOROCCO.

The view of the city from a hotel. Most buildings in Morocco have a courtyard.

AIT-BENHADU/This is one of the famous Caspa...The inhabitant built fortified space to protect themselves from invaders...
Map of Morocco1
Map of the Mediterranean area.
Villages and cities in Italy #1, Italy #2, Spain, Morocco #1, Morocco #2, Algeria, Tunisia.

View of FES...The city is surrounded by stone walls, it looks like a fort. The city is the aggregate of courtyard house and street space like maze...
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