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Courtyard styled small house|possibility of only 100m2 site : #9009

When the sliding door is open during the day time, the courtyard changes to the
street space...Wind and light are brought into the center of the house which is the courtyard.
Converting courtyard to street..... I am interested in street space....

I am especially interested in the area around the Mediterranean Sea, in the stone paving of the mountain cities in Italy and plazas covered only with stone paving.

In addition, I find inspiration in the black barren land in Andalusia, in the white hill colonies, white street space, street space like maze in Caspa, Morocco and courtyards which seem to be closed space at first etc.... I have more.... For example, I am also interested in some things Japanese, like street space and courtyards in Kyoto. I will take these outer spaces and put them into the current Japanese residence.

In my view, courtyards might have same function as a street...Is it possible to share the space between the city and an individual?... but privacy should be maintained in some cases. Therefore, I often use a big revolving door and a lattice door to change the features of the space by opening and closing the doors.

I would like the courtyard to be buffer area like a veranda. In this project, the area of site was only 100m2. It was really small, but I am sure I could make the courtyard house open by a courtyard with flexible features.

View from the bridge to the courtyard through the stair case.

Window frames in the entrance

Living room and Void
The courtyard is on the left-hand side

Facade When the sliding door is open time, the courtyard changes to the street space...

View from the bridge to the courtyard through the stair case.

View from the bridge to the entrance and the courtyard...

When the sliding door is closed, the space changes to the private courtyard...the guestroom is on the first floor...

View from the bridge to the guestroom on the first floor

View from the Japanese room to the living room and the courtyard

Courtyard styled small house PLAN

・Courtyard styled small house

Location Kitatsumori, Osaka Prefecture
Structure timber frame
Term of design 1989.09~1990.04
Term of construction 1990.05~1990.09
Site area 100 m2

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