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Courtyard house with Chiropractic clinic : #9210

Facade / The methods of construction, the ground floor is a reinforced concrete,
and the first and second floor are timber frame...The courtyard is on the first floor...
Chiropratic which is run by the client who lives on the first floor.

The firsrt floor is built by concrete, and it supports the wood framed second floor and third floor structually and economically.

If you go to the second floor, you will find the entrance which is facing courtyard.

I regard taking ordinary material and method of construction into house building as origin of house.

I am trying to make place where we feel some possibility and air, and richness generated by only minimized method in limited conditions.
This courtyard operates as buffer area between residential space and working space in the house.

The stairs linked the entrance and the courtyard...

The chiropratic and the residential space completely separated. If you open the large door, you can approach to the residential space from the northen road. Each space is linked to the outer space.

Looking down at the stairs from the kitchen door on the second floor.
The large wall called sekabe is on the left-hand side... The courtyard is inbetween two walls

Looking down at the courtyard / The sliding door is an entrance. The stairs is linked to the kitchen door...

Japanese room
It faces the courtyard

Living room

Dining room

After going up the outer stairs, the courtyard appears...The place is unclear between outside and inside, also private and public...


The entrance facing the courtyard
The shoes box is made from low costed lauan plywoods.

Living room
The sunlight comes from the courtyard on the south...The dining room is located on the inner part.

The cabinets in the living room are made from low costed lauan plywoods.

Living room

The kitchen is made from low costed lauan plywoods.

Courtyard house with Chiropractic clinic PLAN

・Courtyard house with Chiropractic clinic

Location Kasuga, Osaka Prefecture
Structure Reinforced Concrete (ground floor)timber frame (first, second floor)
Term of design 1991. 11~1992. 04
Term of construction 1992. 04~1992. 10
Site area 181 m2

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